discussion 4

Class #4 Discussion Question
Available until Sunday, October 11, 2020 4:00 PM PDT
Define what CSR is.
Explain the benefits of CRS (use academic references) and give an example of a small business performing CSR practices.
Use correctly formatted APA citations and references.
Comment on a classmate’s posting.


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(A) Refer to the graph below which shows three warming sequences and two phase changes for water with a constant heat input. Starting with ice at -20 C describe the three warming sequences and the two phase changes (i.e., what happens in terms of temperature and heat absorption). [25 points]

Phase Change for Water

(B) Using your own words describe the three phases of matter and their corresponding molecular arrangement and molecular motion(s) [25 points] [Hint: Review your textbook material on this topic]

(C) What is the difference between heat and temperature? [10 points]. Provide two examples to illustrate the difference [10 points] .

(D) Reply* to at least two of your classmate’s post stating your agreement or disagreement for her/his material posted. Your response should be supported with the appropriate justification and/or cited bibliography (I agree or I disagree without an appropriate justification will not be an acceptable reply). [20 points]

(E) List at least two consulted bibliographic sources (provide a complete bibliographical listing, if using a web source, the website address alone is not enough). [10 points]