1. Defining Unique Value Proposition, Harvard Business School


2. The Blue Ocean Strategy


3. Prince William and Kate Middleton bought Ikea furniture for their childrens rooms, MarketWatch, 2018


4.  Why You Spend So Much Money At Ikea, CNBC, 2019



1. Using the guidance of the articles cited above and your marketing knowledge, comment on the case study. More specifically, describe the target market for IKEA India and where and how iIKEA India should expand.

2. What is Blue Ocean Strategy? Discuss how IKEA managed to develop the “blue ocean strategy.”


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Can you help me understand this Communications question?

Need you to reply to 2 people below is what they wrote about.

This week, we’re examining the ways Burr’s delivery and message complement each other by responding to similar cultural anxieties tied to manhood, control, and vulnerability. Burr provides arguably the clearest example of a joke and it’s delivery turning the proverbial “Rubik’s cube” many times: he speaks to men who are angry, want to do better, and feel pressure to self-silence, just to name a few. Following this model, look back to one of the other comedians we’ve watched to write a 250-word initial post that theorizes about the other comedian’s “Rubik’s cube.” What anxieties do they speak to and how? Pro-tip: Avoid Tig Notaro since we’ve discussed her work so thoroughly in this way, as well, so it will be very hard to offer anything novel.


Taylor Tomlinson is the comedian I believe strikes many social anxieties that we face today because of the way she delivers her ideas of women in relation to men. In her special Quarter-Life Crisis she hits a multitude of topics such as losing her virginity, people in their 20s, being engaged, being in a relationship etc. While many people glorify their youth as they age, Tomlinson turns that notion into a more realistic reality by claiming being in your 20s is one of the most crappiest parts of one’s life because the expectations of success during this time is moderately low. Also about being in relationships, Tomlinson describes how guys try to exclaim that women flirt with them but they deny them because they’re in a relationship in order to get some extra cool points. But Tomlinson flips it on it’s ear and describes you should get cool points for things you’re supposed to do. She furthers this claim by stating if she goes to any restaurant, such as Denny’s, as soon as she opens her legs guys would be flying her way. The manner of how she executes her jokes is a nice balance between deepening her voice, slowing down her delivery, and frolicking and mimicking around the stage reenacting the times of her memories. In her special, Tomlinson turns her proverbial “Rubik’s cube” by speaking to women about timing up losing your virginity, how to please a women, and what similarities women have in the social scene as men do.


I think about the Wanda Sykes in her special, and how she really just was up front with the audience in saying if you voted for Trump and you came to see me then you messed up again. She was really letting the audience know that she was going to be talking about how she viewed and felt about the president. Using her special to get that message to people that she thought Trump was incompetent to be the president. She leads you in with ways she feels that makes him not fit. This is her way of talking about politics with is one side the rubiks cube. she also talks about the bachelor which leads to a another side which her views on feminist. She goes on to say that she has more respect for strippers then the women who are on the Bachelor. She is again voicing her views which is every common with women comedians. Another side to the cube is when she speaks on racism and white supremacy. She talked about how she goes back to her hometown of Virginia and it makes her sick to her stomach that in some towns they have big confederate flags hanging up, and it hurts because of the meaning behind the flag. That’s why she says that racism is going to be the demise of our country. White supremacy is at a all time high and that is why she takes the time to say that she is married to a French woman who she has two white kids with in this day and age that could be looked at in a different light. She talks about real thing that are big subjects in our country and it sets up for so many different conversations that can be made.

Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger netflix

150 words reply to both. i know you have ben doing watching the comedies.