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Respond to the paragraph below of 175 minimum.

My top specific learning takeaway would have to be from the performance management pdf. I found that the information that the performance management pdf was able to provide about how to problem solve with data to be incredibly helpful.

I read the performance management pdf almost in a methodological way, almost in steps. Interestingly enough, the performance management pdf seemed to be broken down step by step. This was one of the first things that I noted about the article. I liked how the article broke the concepts and topics down step by step and, quite literally, walked us through the process of how to problem solve with data, and how to utilize data in an efficient and effective manner, within a healthcare setting.

Another initial observation that I made regarding the performance management pdf was the vast amount of clear, concise, and colorful graphs and chart visualizations that were engaging. I do not really consider myself to be a visual learner, but I have always found graph and chart visualizations to be fantastic summarization tools and great tools to help reexplain dense, complex information and topics in a way that is appealing to visual learners or to any learners who, perhaps, learn better from infographics rather than crude data and numbers.

As for a potential practical, real-world example or application of the knowledge that I gained, I believe that not only is problem solving a crucial necessary skill to master while attempting to create a strategic management plan, but also how to problem solve in a way that is both efficient and effective. Being able to accomplish such a feat prevents unnecessary panic and wasted resources. In regards to the graphs and chart visualizations that I mentioned, I do think being able to read, understand, interpret, and analyze infographics and chart visualizations is another crucial skill that is necessary to master in order to create an effective and efficient strategic management plan. This is especially true when presenting your findings to other individuals, such as in a team or corporate meeting, or when presenting the results of a healthcare research experiment.