I need help with a Physics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

1 post in the Discussion thread for the week, and 1 response to a post. The posts must be concise. For example, a post should not be “How do I solve this problem?”. Instead, ask specifics questions, like “Did anyone use the concept of energy to solve this problem?” or “Which coordinate system did you use to solve the problem?

*** note: If I do, the student who posted the solution will earn a grade of zero for the Weekly Discussion AND the Homework assignment.

Examples of posts:

Good Post Poor/Invalid Post
I tried solving problem 3-7 using the concept of conservation of energy, but I am not sure if it is a correct approach. Can anyone share which concepts they used to approach the problem? How do you solve problem 3-7?

Examples of replies:

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I solved problem 3-7 by first using the conservation of energy. I included kinetic and gravitational potential energy. I then used the conservation of momentum for the collision of the two objects.
  • I solved by using energy
  • Thank you
  • Me too
  • “Anything that terminates a conversation/discussion abruptly”