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Discussion 1 (at least 100 words)

  • Write about an example of a time when you became acutely aware of the power of words because someone said something that was either positive or negative. Describe that example.
  • List 5 primary ways that words have power.

Disscution 2 ( at least 150 words)

Please answer the following questions:

We’ve explored the nonverbal codes of space and territory, and you should now have a better understanding of the range of people’s reactions to perceived invasions of their space. Read each situation below, decide whether a proxemic or territorial violation has occurred, and then describe two tactics you might use in response to each scenario. (Try to think of things you realistically would do in each situation, not just what you could do.)

a. You’re at a bar or club, sitting alone, waiting for a friend to join you. A stranger sits down beside you and starts a conversation.

b. You’re a business executive. You enter your office after lunch and find your administrative assistant sitting in your chair, feet up on the desk, talking on the phone.

c. You’re taking racquetball lessons and it’s your turn on the court. A group of people gather to watch your lesson.

d. You’re interviewing for a pat-time job. As the job interview nears to a close, the interviewer moves from behind the desk toward you and touches you on the knee.

e. You want to wear your favorite sweater but can’t find it. You discover it wadded up in the bottom of the laundry hamper, reeking of cigarette smoke, and you realize your roommate or a family member wore it without your permission.

2. Go to Is This Space Invasion? Discussion Topic and create a new thread in which you:

  • Identify in which of the situations from the “Is This Space Invasion?” activity above where a proxemics or a territorial violation has occurred. Answer for each scenario.
  • Describe 2 tactics you might use in response to each of the situations.