Discussion 1 – Scientific Method

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Respond to each prompt and submit via D2L. Bring responses to class for small group discussions.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate steps of the scientific method
  • Relate the scientific method to an issue you are interested in
  • Summarize key contributions of historical scientific figures

Optional Video link: Heroes of the Enlightenment, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC9s4WDST40

Response Questions

Based on material presented in lecture and your readings, please response to each question.

  • Each response should be 1-2 paragraph (5-10 complete sentences).
  • Submit all answers as a single document via D2L
  1. What is meant by “scientific method?”
  • Describe the basic steps of this framework
  • Provide 1 example using the scientific method. (Hint: several examples are provided in the assigned reading if you are looking for ideas to get you started. Do not reuse an example from the readings, however).

2. Using the attached reading about Mary Somerville, Sir Isaac Newton or Sir Francis Bacon, summarize:

  • 2 biographic details about her/his life
  • 2 of her/his key scientific contributions

3. Search for information online about a scientist who specializes in researching something that has relevance to your life or the area where you live. Conduct online searches to identify people and then read material or watch videos about their research. Summarize your findings including:

  • The name and background of the scientist,
  • A brief summary of their research (3-5 sentences)
  • Provide one or two references (citations or website links) for your information sources.