Discussion 1 Response

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Think about an organization you’re familiar with and describe its organizational culture

The company that I am most familiar with is Target Company which I worked for at least six years. The organizational culture in Target is that the guests come first. They look at their employees as people that can be replaced if need be because the guests who are what they call their customers come first. The guidelines that Target has for their employees is that every guest that come into the store must be asked if they need help finding anything and greeted at all times. Team members is what Target calls their employees they need to be professional at all times and greet guests that come in no matter what kind of day they have. The competition is something that Target needs to keep in mind when running a company.

Compare that organization with another and explain how the two organizations differ on dimensions such as physical space, language use, and underlying assumptions and values. Which culture type best describes these organizations?

When comparing Target to another retail company I would choose Walmart as these organizations are very different in many factors. The physical space is different as Walmart is a more laid back company that does not care about their employees or their customers. They care about making money and that is it. Target on the other hand their physical space is that they care about both their employees and their guests as they are the elements that make up the company. The language use in Target is the employees are polite to each other and the guests. Walmart does not care to ask their employees or customers what they think cause there again they only care about making money. The underlying assumption and values is that Target is a better retail company then Walmart is that is why they are the leading retail company around the world and still have room to grow. The culture type to better understand this is better understood when organizational culture is defined which is defined as “organizational culture as a system of meanings, shared by a certain group of people, composed of symbols, language, beliefs, ceremonies and legends” (Caliskan, A., & Zzhu, C., 2020, Pg. 22) the type of culture best describe these organizations is that Target has different beliefs for their employees and guests then Walmart does in the end.

Discuss how a diverse organizational population, consisting of different races, nationalities, and ethnic groups affects the HR function

The diverse organizational within Target and any organization can affect the HR function because it can prevent the HR to make valid decisions that are necessary to run a successful organization in the end. The HR is known to have the “power remains in the hands of only a few people and only they are authorized to take decisions” (Shah, K., & Parmer, C., 2016, Pg. 40) the diverse organizational of Target and other organizations is that the HR is in charge and they are the ones to make the final decisions for the companies. Human resource managers need to make sure that they do not treat anyone in the company different.