Discuss the compliance with occupational safety and health administration

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to discuss the compliance with occupational safety and health administration. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of this assignment paper. Below are the instructions to follow before submission of the assessment:

Discuss the compliance with occupational safety and health administration


For this assignment, imagine that you were recently hired as the safety officer at a chemical manufacturing facility with over 1,000 different chemicals on site. The facility does not have a functioning hazard communication (HazCom) program. You determine that you need to start from scratch on the program. Provide a detailed approach for the steps you would take to develop an effective HazCom program for the facility. Your paper must at least address the issues listed below.

Firstly, what steps would you take to ensure you are in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) HazCom regulation?
Secondly, which best practice steps would you include that go beyond compliance with the OSHA regulation to make the program more effective?
Thirdly, which employees at the facility would you use to complete the process?
Fourthly, how would you conduct training after the initial steps have been completed?
Also, how would you make the safety data sheets (SDSs) available to employees?
Finally, what procedures would you use to evaluate the effectiveness of the program?

Your essay must be at least three pages in length, not counting the title page and references page. You must include at least two credible references and use APA Style for in-text citations and references. The textbook may be used as one of the references.


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