Disaster Recovery

 Search “scholar.google.com” for a company or school that has reported  issues, problems, concerns about their backup procedures. Discuss the  issue of securing backups. There have been several incidents lately in  which backup media containing personal customer information were lost or  stolen. How should backup media be secured? What about off-site storage  of backups?    


Disaster Recovery

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Graded Assignments may be found at the end of each chapter of the required textbook under the title “Real-World Exercises”. Each assignment is due Sunday evening before 11:59 p.m. EST. of the respective week. Each student is to complete the exercise listed below. Provide documented evidence, in Moodle, of completion of the chosen exercise (i.e. provide answers to each of the stated questions). Detailed and significant answers will be allotted full point value. Incomplete, inaccurate, or inadequate answers will receive less than full credit depending on the answers provided. Plagiarism will be awarded ZERO points (no makeups, no excises). All submissions need to submitted in the appropriate area of Moodle. Late submissions, hardcopy, or email submissions will not be accepted. (50 points).

From Chapter 6, page 257, Real World Exercise 1

Paper has to be 500 words length and also with references

Please find the question from attached document on page number 7


Michael E. Whitman, Herbert J. Mattord, Andrew Green. Principles of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery (2014). Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1111138059.