dirt program

Need help with my Python question – I’m studying for my class.

  1. Write a Python program that replicates the program dirb that we learned about in class. Your program should ask the user for a website name (e.g. example.com) and then asks the user for a filename containing a list of website paths (e.g. robots.txt). Your program should check every line from the file and see if the website has that file, indicated by an HTTP status code of 200 (e.g. if example.com/robots.txt returns HTTP 200). For every website path that returns 200, print a message on the screen with the full path (e.g. example.com/robots.txt.). Call your program dirb.py and include it in your submitted zip file.
  2. Write a Python program that asks the user for an IP address and a starting and ending port number. The program then scans the IP for open ports in the range specified. Show all open ports that are found. Call your program portscan.py and include it in your submitted zip file.