Direct Marketing Advertising Strategy Paper

Direct Marketing Advertising Strategy Paper This paper is based on the strategy you did in your first paper, the direct marketing campaign strategy. For this paper, you must include mockups (computer generated or handwritten) for artwork for all print ads, out-of-home ads, online media, social media, or guerrilla marketing campaigns that you included in your media blend. You do not have to produce social media or online ads, but mock them up using PowerPoint or other software. Remember to cite any images that you do not own and do not use images that are copyrighted by another entity unless you have permission to do so. Upload files in Word, PowerPoint, Publisher or PDF to Moodle for submission. Your project should include: (1) A brief description of your ads and how they match the direct marketing strategy you created in your first paper (2) Your mockups for all the ads in your media blend. Refer to the slides listed below for areas you must cover in your paper if you are using broadcast or print media in your advertising campaign: • Radio Ad Design: Slides 6 & 7 (script required: recording not required) • Television Ad Design: Slides 13 & 14 (storyboard required: recording not required) • Magazine Ad Design: Slide 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 • Newspaper Ad Design: Slide 18, 19 & 20