Dimensional analysis versus formula calculation

Nursing Issue Paper Objectives: Describe an issue important to professional nursing practice that affects patient care/outcomes. Demonstrate ability to write a scholarly paper in APA format. Instructions: Choose a topic from the list below and write a 1,000-1500-word count (Title Page, Abstract, and Reference pages do not count as part of the word count) paper that clearly describes the issue and how it impacts nursing practice or the nursing profession and the safe care of our patients. Use at least 5 articles from peer-reviewed nursing journals. Other sources can be used in addition to peer-reviewed journal articles but must be appropriate for a scholarly paper (this means no Wikipedia or general interest web sites). Refer to the rubric for grading criteria, the maximum points possible is 40. Use APA (6th ed.) format. You will not get a passing grade if not using APA format! Paper must be submitted electronically either as .doc or .docx format. Printed papers or late papers will not be accepted.