Different epistemological perspectives using philosophical approaches

This is a paper that focuses on the different epistemological perspectives using philosophical approaches. The paper also provides the learning outcomes to focus in writing the paper assignment.

Different epistemological perspectives using philosophical approaches

Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:
1. Firstly, analyse and explain different philosophical approaches to research and how different epistemological perspectives may lead to the use of different methodologies.
2. Secondly, formulate, justify and plan a research proposal based on a preliminary investigation of a suitable topic.
3. Thirdly, explain how to select and use appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse research findings and evaluate the advantages and limitations of each.
4. Fourthly, produce a structured pro forma to report the outcomes of a research project with an explanation of the content of each section

Assignment 1: Essay

In this assignment, you are required to develop a research proposal based on a suitable topic in health and social care management field. Since this module prepares you to undertake a Research Project in the final year
of the programme, it is recommended that you choose a topic that you intend to work on in your final year.

The research proposal should include the following:
Research Objectives and Research Questions
You are required to identify and also formulate a suitable research topic. You should place the proposed study in a context explaining why you have chosen a particular topic. Lastly, you should develop research questions and
research objectives. The research objectives should be clear, precise statements indicating what the research is going to accomplish.

Literature Review and Rationale.
You should undertake a background literature review identifying and analysing the most significant literature relevant to your topic. The literature review should contextualise and justify your research questions. The
literature review should be critical considering and also discussing literature that supports and opposes your ideas.

Research Methodology
You should analyse and explain different philosophical approaches to research. You should justify the rationale behind choosing a particular philosophical approach for your research. Your report should explain different
types of data (qualitative and quantitative) and the methods of data collection (primary and secondary). You should also explain the rationale behind choosing appropriate data type and data collection methods for your
project reflecting on whether the chosen research method is the most effective way to address the research questions and also meet the research objectives