Dialogue Between Martin Luther King Jr. and J.S Mill

This paper should be 700-900 word. Worth 20 points. DO NOT WRITE AS AN ESSAY. SHOULD BE DONE AS A PLAY!!! EX: Martin Luther King Jr.: this law is unjust and shouldn’t exist because…… J.S Mill: you are wrong, this law is ….. NOTTTTT : Martin Luther King Jr. opposes segregation laws because they are unjust. J.S. Mill argues that the only way laws are justified is on the basis of the harm principle. **Should be an ongoing conversation between the two and should be creative. Pick A Law that interest you !!! could be any law EXCEPT SEGREGATION LAWS!!!!!!!!! **********Write a fictive dialogue between Mill and King in which they discuss a contemporary and controversial legal issue. Please note: DO NOT QUOTE! If you paraphrase from a source other than the textbook, please give the appropriate reference (in the text and in the list of references). Please be aware that paraphrasing without indication of the source constitutes plagiarism. This class is conducted in compliance with the CUNY Academic Integrity policy, which you can find at http://www.cuny.edu/about/info/policies/academic-integrity.pdf Length: Your paper should be 700-900 words. Deadline: December 6, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS!