Diabetes and Health Disparities

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Module 2 Diabetes and Health Disparities

Part 1– Study material and suggested learning activities to expand your knowledge

1. Read

Racial and Ethnic Health Care Disparities


J As you read the article select one or more of the areas and learn more about by reading one of the articles linked. Comment in the Discussion section, which area you selected and state which of the articles you read, and what you found useful in them. I welcome you to comment of your learning process, as well.

Part 2This assignment is worth 15 points

Explore the following site of the American Diabetes Association and get involved in ADVOCACY

As a Pharmacist and future Pharmacist, and now that you have some clinical knowledge and health disparities knowledge you are ready to get involve in advocacy.

Advocacy and participation in policy formulation is one of the strategies that you can use to address disparities.

J Browse and explore the following diabetes advocacy sites

https://www.diabetes.org/advocacy (GENERAL)

https://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/take-action (ACTION SITE). From this site select and issue to complete the assignment explained below.

Select one (or more) of the Federal issues in which the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is asking you to act upon. https://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/take-action

Participate in the selected issue by sending a letter. Enter your letter in the format provided in the ADA website. When you PERSONALIZE YOUR RESPONSE, use the knowledge that you have acquired in this course to frame it as a health disparity issue using the concepts you have learned in the readings.

It is good idea if you identify yourself as a pharmacist in training and provide your clinical knowledge. You can state your institutional affiliation (NSU). If applicable, share any personal experience with diabetes. Try to be passionate, assertive and professional in your arguments.

You will receive confirmation from the ADA and/or from your elected officials.

J Upload an integrated PDF or Word document with the confirmation of your submission, a copy of your letter, a brief reflection of what you thought of this assignment (Required).