Development of a psychopathology research review project

This is an assignment that focuses on the development of a psychopathology research review project. The purpose of the report is to integrate research results.

Development of a psychopathology research review project

Remember: This is not an exhaustive literature review. You are preparing what is actually a mini-research review that reports on three empirical articles from peer- reviewed journals that address a central question. You may have some additional references to give the question context but you must have three empirical articles.

Make sure your question goes beyond simple description and is developmental.
·        Address developmental pathways and consider constructs such as causal
contributions, effects, risks, resiliency, ecological contexts
·        Be sure you are addressing multiple developmental periods, e.g., not just what is what is substance abuse like in adolescence, but also perhaps what childhood risk factors contribute and what are some of the adult outcomes or risks?

The purpose of asking you to report on a specific area is to provide you with the experience of integrating research results.
·        Do not read one article for question a, one for question b, and one for question c. You must have multiple perspectives on the question you pose.
·        For example, it would not be useful to have a broad overview with only three articles as in, “What are the causes, symptoms, and treatments for Disorder X?”
·        Instead you should pick one of these three (causes, symptoms, or treatments) and read and report on three articles that address that, being careful to include a developmental framework.


You should write enough about each article so that we know how to interpret each set of results.
·        Relevant information will include the purpose of the article, who the participants were. (e.g., age, SES, clinical population, etc.), data collection (e.g., questionnaires to parents, interviews with children, fMRI scans, school records, etc.).
·        But you must also integrate your discussion.
·        See the sample research review—it is totally fabricated and abbreviated, but it should give you some idea of what you are aiming for. You will undoubtedly have more information and explanation, but remember to be concise. It is actually more difficult to write something clear and short than it is to write something rambling and long, but make that your goal.

Every paper should begin with a paragraph orienting the reader to the disorder.
You may use general information from your textbook or some other reference.
Note that this general reference does not count as one of your three empirical articles.
Be sure to cite each reference appropriately both in the text and in the references at the end (See general study resources for APA style links).

Papers should be 3-5 pages in the body of the paper. In addition to the title page, abstract page, and reference page, that will give you 6-8 pages total.
·        Use in APA style (this is not negotiable).
·        Not sure about APA style? It is what most of the articles you have been reading are written in, and there is a marvelous online source at the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).
You submit using the Assignment link on Blackboard. This link goes directly to
Beware of plagiarism.
·        Whether it is intentional or not, it is a serious academic offense. Integrity.aspx