Development council of Quango problems discussion

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Development council of Quango problems discussion

Section A: read the case and answer the questions at the end of Section A.


The Development Council is a Quango set up to ensure effective distribution of development funds in Britain. The Headquarters are in London where 135 people are employment. The Regional Offices are quasi – autonomous. Ninety people are employ at the Scottish HQ in Edinburgh and sixty at the Welsh HQ in Cardiff. The Council has just been informed that it is to have a small but significant cut in its ‘real’ level of funding. A re-organisation is due at the Cardiff HQ which may lead to some job losses.

Development council of Quango problems discussion

All three Headquarters operate a common Job Evaluation Scheme. Historically staff had been mainly on Civil Service gradings but it had been felt appropriate to develop an in-house job evaluation scheme geared to the particular needs of the Council.  This also enabled the staff to be involved in determining initial job gradings and the outcome of appeals. Membership of grading and appeal panels is share evenly between the Council and staff sides (two members each). Meetings are chair by the part-time consultant who help design the scheme and who has been retained to operate it. The staff side members belong to the MSF Union, which has a recognition agreement with the Council. Employer-union relationships are harmonious and also the bulk of the work force are not very union conscious.
QUESTION – answer ALL PARTS of the question, worth 50% of the marks:


a)    Firstly, identify the problems that you feel need addressing in the above case.

b)    Secondly, discuss possible ways of tackling these problems, explaining how you have taken into account the surrounding context.

c)    Thirdly, what advantages would you hope to accrue from having a job evaluation programme?