Develop your personal theory based on theories of adult development

This is a paper that is focusing on develop your personal theory based on theories of adult development. The paper also provides additional guidelines to writing this assignment paper clearly.

Develop your personal theory based on theories of adult development

PSY 2390 Adulthood Psychology Final Project

A final project is included as part of the course requirements for a couple of reasons. One, managing such a project allows you to develop and hone your time management skills. Two, such a capstone project allows you synthesize what you have learned this semester.

All projects must be in APA style,7th ed.  For these projects, that means 1) a title page with a title, name, course number and semester; 2) page numbering upper right corner, beginning with #1 on the title page; 3) format of in-text citations; 4) format of reference page at the end of the paper. Projects must also be double-spaced (everything, including the references).  Grammar and spelling are also important.

Final projects must be 6-8 pages, not including the title page and reference page. Note that each page refers to about 250 words. You must use peer-reviewed journals and other academic works in your paper. It is not to just be your ideas. You certainly must include your own ideas but this paper is to be research based.  The paper should be in APA style and include a minimum of 8 references, 5 of which must be peer-review journal articles. The other 3 should be scholarly/academic sources. Additionally, any paper using Wikipedia, or will lose 10 points.

As a part of this class you read about and analyze many theories of adult development.  Based on these readings, and also on your own experiences, you will develop your personal theory which you feel best explains adulthood.  Your theory may be a combination of the theories we study, describe in your own words, or it may be an original theory.  Your theory should be on observational or empirical evidence, which is cite in explaining the theory.  You should discuss how your theory explains at least three (3) areas – (e.g. health, family, cognitive) of adult development.  You will use an adult that you find in film or literature to illustrate your theory.