Develop a Comprehensive Trauma Plan

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Understanding the impact of trauma and how a child who experiences adverse life experiences learns, behaves, and ultimately, interprets their world is crucial for educators. The ACEs study was groundbreaking research that paved the way for researchers to continue to dig deeper and for educators to work and manage their learning environment more strategically and empathically.

Using ACEs as your framework and lens through which to view the target population, develop a comprehensive trauma plan that supports all children. Consider research conducted by the CDC and SAMSHA when crafting your plan. Think about what the adults in your school may be experiencing as survivors of adverse childhood experiences. Reflect on the impact that compassion fatigue (secondary or vicarious trauma) may have on your teachers and counselors and in turn, on the student population they serve. How does this plan consider the current disciplinary policy, and how may it differ, if at all, viewing it through a trauma-informed lens.

Think big picture; a paradigm shift. Be an agent of change!