Develop a bedtime story in a developmental stage 2 pages

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Develop a children’s bed-time story that uses a theme (see attached “Theme starters for Children’s story). Pick a developmental stage of Erikson, Piaget or Kohlberg and use the conflict that should be resolved during that stage to help guide your story. The story should not be long – think long enough to get the little one asleep – two pages or so. At the start of the page, identify the Characters and Background, the Developmental stage and Theorist, and the resolution. HAVE FUN with this! This project is to help you understand, and now apply, the developmental theorists to your nursing care. Remember, you only have a child’s attention for so long, so don’t get too detailed in the story. Keep it light,

As an example:

Characters and background: Jessica and Harvey are two parakeets that live in the same cage together. Sometimes they fight over the food bowl or who gets to sit on the swing.

Developmental stage: Kohlberg’s Conventional Morality, which has the individual view “I am a good citizen; I want to be a good person to others I want approval from others” and the collective view “We are following the rules; we obey the rules to avoid guilt and keep order”

Resolution: Jessica and Harvey learn that they have a choice to make – they can treat each other well and be good citizens to have peace in their cage, or they can continue to fight and have stress all of the time. They decide to share the swing, and have learned that it is warmer to be next to each other when it’s cold!