Deutsche Bank and the Road to Basel III assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Deutsche Bank and the Road to Basel III assignment. The paper also provides additional questions and submission format to use in writing the paper.

Deutsche Bank and the Road to Basel III assignment

As a starting point, carefully read “Deutsche Bank and the Road to Basel III”.
Please make sure you also read other publications from academic journals that will strengthen your assignment.
Use this case as a background to carefully develop your answers to the five questions listed below:

1) Firstly, how has the orientation of Deutsche Bank changed over time in terms of business segments and global nature? Why do we observe such changes? Do you agree with its strategy? [25 marks]
2) Secondly, what do the historical financials tell us about Deutsche Bank‘s profitability, bank capital, and risk ratios? [20 marks]
3) Thirdly, choose your favourite Bank and compare and discuss their financials with  Bank over 2008 – 2018. [20 marks]
4) Fourthly, what is the financial outlook for Deutsche Bank in view of Basel III and the euro-zone debt crisis? [20 marks]
5) Lastly, what is your estimated valuation of Deutsche Bank? (Hint: Use the P/E and P/TB ratios to bank’s equity share) [15 marks]

Submission format

Firstly, the length of your submission should be 8 to 10 pages of text excluding list of references, and figures and tables that may be placed after the list of references.
Secondly, use 1.5 line spacing, 12 font size ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Normal’ margins, justified paragraphs and page numbering in the bottom right-hand side (similar to this document). Please insert your full name (family name entered last in capital letters) and eight-digit student number as a header on every page of your submission (see the sample header of this document).

Thirdly, as a rule of thumb, using shorter paragraphs or sentences improve readability.
Fourthly, footnotes should be kept to a minimum. An introduction and conclusion are needed in your answer to each question but not for the overall submission (see assessment rubric posted on Blackboard under Assessment). Please make sure we can clearly follow where one section ends and the other begins, i.e. use sub-headings to guide the reader.

Lastly, the headings corresponding to the aforementioned five questions in the write-up that should be used are:
1) Changes and Strategies
2) Bank- Profit, Capital and Risk
3) Comparison and Discussion
4) Outlook for Bank
5) Estimated Valuation