Determine the present levels of performance (PLOP)

This is a paper that is focusing on the determine the present levels of performance (PLOP). The paper also provides additional brief to use in writing the assignment paper in detail.

Determine the present levels of performance (PLOP)

Instructional Goals • Use appropriate procedures for referral, screening, and classroom placement • Use professional terminology related to psychometrics. Translate assessment information into current levels of performance and learning style profile components of the IEP • Communicate assessment results to parents and team members Components Your building’s Committee of Special Education has just met to review evaluations of a third-grade student, Justine. After reviewing the evaluations and statements from teachers as well as parents, the Committee has decided to classify Justine as Other Health Impaired because her attention and focusing challenges are impacting her progress in specific areas. Your task is to:

1) Firstly, determine present levels of performance (PLOP) in all areas of weakness. You should have four to six PLOP statements.

2) Then create at least three goals to meet documented needs.

3) Then, create benchmarks for three points in the year as times to measure and report progress toward the annual goal.

4) Then create one to three (or more) program modifications or accommodations to meet needs. 5) You may input your PLOP statements, your suggested modifications and accommodations, and other data into the mock IEP form you can find in your course Toolbox. Or you may create your own Word document where you share the information. 6) You do not have to complete all areas of the IEP form; however, you should have the following sections completed:

• Student data (name and disability only) • Present levels of performance and individual needs (You do not need to complete the section on student needs related to specific factors.) • Goals section where the annual goals are listed • Measurable goals section where the benchmarks to be achieved during the year are listed • Modifications and or accommodations You will find the assessment rubric at the end of the syllabus. Please refer to the Toolbox for the data necessary to complete this assignment.