Describing the environmental justice issues you are researching

This is a paper that is focusing on the student describing the environmental justice issues you are researching. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Describing the environmental justice issues you are researching

Please provide a reference page in APA formatting. Be sure to have 12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, use headings, and cite your sources in APA format. Be sure to provide an introductory and concluding paragraph. Also, be careful about proofreading, typos, etc. You don’t have to include an abstract. Also, don’t forget to include a link or URL to a video describing the environmental justice issue you are researching. I hope this helps! If you have further questions, please let me know.

Here’s a link with more info about Environmental Justice to give you some ideas for topics.

Also, a link to an article about Hazel Johnson from Chicago, considered the Mother of Environmental Justice.


This paper focuses on how a theory of your choice informs environmental justice issues. Thus, your first task is to pick an environmental problem that contributes to a social/health problem or problems affecting individuals, families, groups, and communities. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to, air and water pollution, climate change/global warming, food insecurity, environmental disasters, environmental racism, acid deposition, plant/animal extinction, and deforestation.

This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. Papers MUST include the following information:

1). Firstly, how you selected the environmental problem (10 points).

2). Secondly, who defines this issue as a problem/who does it affect? (15 points)

3). Thirdly, provide historical context for this issue (20 points).

4). Fourthly, based on your review of the literature, what are the most prevalent theoretical perspectives used to frame this social problem? What are the strengths and limitations of each theoretical perspective? Additionally, which do you believe provides the best explanation? Why? (30 points)

5). Also, based on your review of the literature, what are the primary causes of this issue? (20 points)

6). What previous attempts have been made to solve this issue?

What parts were successful? Why? (15 points)

What parts were ineffective? Why? (15 points)

7). Additionally, what can social workers do to make communities more sensitive to this issue? (25 points)

8). Informed by theory (you can use those we studied in Ch 2) and also the literature you found about your topic/issue, what interventions do you suggest to ameliorate the issue? (25 points)

9).Lastly, include a link to a video to show one or more of the discussion points listed above (25 points).