Describe any personal or economic hardship or barriers experiences

This is a paper that is focusing on describe any personal or economic hardship or barriers experiences. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

Describe any personal or economic hardship or barriers experiences

Your personal statement provides you the opportunity to discuss aspects of your life that may not be apparent in the rest of your application materials. You’ll have four boxes and space for 6,000 total characters, including spaces. A common misconception is that you must answer all four prompts. You are not to answer all prompts; you may choose to focus on the prompts you have the most to talk about or you could choose to answer all four prompts. The most important thing to understand about the personal statement prompts is that they cannot hurt you in any way, they can only help.

Prompt Tips:

Be specific; when providing examples of when, how long, and what you learned/gained from your experience.
Be concise, direct and truthful.
Avoid broad statements such as “I’ve always wanted to attend the Foster School because I want a business degree.” It is a legitimate comment but does not tell us anything distinctive about you.
When describing your experiences, don’t assume the reader has had your same experiences or shares your perspective.
Be thoughtful about your response.

Give yourself ample time to write and rewrite your responses. Ensure you are properly using the word limit to effectively express what you are trying to convey.
It is not necessary to have two spaces after each period, since extra spacing counts towards your allotted word count. Copying and pasting from a Word document can detract from your total word count. We recommend writing directly into the application itself, however it is wise to save a copy of each essay before hitting submit.

Describe any personal or economic hardship or barriers experiences

Essay 1: Describe any personal or economic hardship/barriers you have experienced and/or are experiencing. Explain how the hardship/barriers directly affected your ability to be successful in your college academics. As hardships/barriers may occur throughout your life. Be specific about when you encountered these hardship/barriers, how long they lasted, and how they impact your academic record.

Essay 2: In the context of your life experience, describe your understanding of cultural differences and how this awareness acquisition. Talk about how your experiences influencing the person you are and what you will bring to the Foster School community (i.e. classroom, extracurricular, future career, etc.). You define what “experience” means to you; if it is important to you, it is important to share.

Essay 3: Describe 1-2 experiences that demonstrate your leadership within a group or organization outside of class. Please do not use examples from high school unless you have completed high school within the past 18 months or your leadership involvement from high school continues today.

Essay 4: How has the educational background of your parents/legal guardians influenced your own education, especially your decision to go to college? What kind of support did you receive in making and pursuing the decision to go to college? Please tell us if you are among the first generation in your family to go to college. (First-generation, defined by the U.S Department of Education as students whose parents/guardians have not completed a bachelor’s (4-year) degree).