Deontology;The Blind Side (1999)

 Analyzing Moral Choices in a Film or Novel: The Blind Side (1999) – For this assignment, select a film or novel with which you are familiar that provides a rich moral context for analysis. Focus on one or two of the characters and think philosophically about the moral choices that they are making, addressing questions such as: • What are the moral choices that the character(s) is (are) making? • How do they justify their choices? To what moral theories or principles are they appealing? • How would various moral theories evaluate their choices? How would you evaluate their choices? What is your moral reasoning in reaching this conclusion? – THEN, in the later paper, you will summarize the plot and identify the ethical dilemma that one of the characters is facing. Next, you will put yourself in the character’s place (you become the character), and you have to solve the dilemma. – Doing so, will require that you use one of the ethics theories (deontology) that we will study and apply throughout the remainder of our course. The theory has to show that and how you decision is ethically sound