Demonstrate your understanding of a family therapy approach

This assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of a family therapy approach by showing how you would apply it with your family of origin. Choose the model with which you most resonate so that you can delve into it more thoroughly.

Demonstrate your understanding of a family therapy approach

Assignment instructions for this paper:

Write a reference paper of 4-5 pages (APA style, double spaced, plus the title and reference pages. Include the following in your paper:

Reflect on the application of one of the models of family therapy to your family of origin.
The paper should identify and apply key terms and concepts from the model. Clearly explain how these experiences concepts in your family.
The primary text (Goldenberg, Stanton, & Goldenberg) provides the foundation for this application, but supplementary texts or reference articles should be used to enhance your understanding of the model.

Identify treatment goals based upon the model chosen and illustrate how a therapist might use aspects of the model to treat the family dynamics discussed.
Reflect on the role of faith, spirituality, and/or religion in your own family, including how it impacted your family dynamics. How it may or may not be integrated in a treatment process using the designated family therapy model.
(Note: If you feel more comfortable using a fictitious family rather than your own, you may do so as long as you are able to clearly articulate and apply the main components of the theory chosen).
Include supplementary Reference Citations

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