Definition purpose of auteur theory and its importance to film

This is an assignment that focuses on the definition purpose of auteur theory and its importance to film. The paper also requires technical competence and personality.

Definition purpose of auteur theory and its importance to film

Assignment should follow close to this outline to meet all the requirements of the prompt in a clear and also substantive way. This outline suggests five sections. However, each body paragraph section can be broken into multiple paragraphs so to thoroughly examine and express your ideas.

I.                 Introduction

·       Firstly, introduce and define auteur theory, making sure to address its origin and its usefulness (or lack thereof—if you disagree) in film criticism.
·       Secondly, introduce your chosen director and the two films of this director that you will use to support your argument. Briefly summarize the ways in which these films meet the criteria established by Andrew Sarris in Film: From Watching to Seeing.
·       Thirdly, compose a thesis statement that argues the importance and also purpose of auteur theory. Frame your chosen director as an example of this theory. Also, how the two films you’ve selected from that director’s oeuvre are exemplary of the criteria that comprise the basis of auteur theory.

Definition purpose of auteur theory and its importance to film

II.               Body Paragraph(s): Technical Competence

·       In this paragraph, you might address the importance of technical competence in relation to what makes a film good (or, occasionally, intentionally not good).
·       Use examples from each of your chosen director’s two films that demonstrate said director’s technical competence. Be sure to break down the various elements that clearly establish the technical competence in these films.
·       Elaborate on specific techniques and the craftspeople who execute your chosen director’s vision, such as the cinematographer and editor. Does your chosen director rely on the same people film after film? What are the hallmarks of their technical style?

III.              Body Paragraph(s): Distinguishable Personality

Using examples from your chosen director’s two films, identify the traits that are indicative of that director’s stylistic personality.
Discuss the genre or genres in which your chosen director primarily works. (or if your chosen director bends genre conventions, address how).
Additionally, using analysis of your examples, describe the consistent hallmarks of your chosen director’s work.