Definition of the concept of intercultural communication in an interview

This is a paper that is focusing on the definition of the concept of intercultural communication in an interview. The paper also provides questions or guidelines to use in writing the assignment paper.

Definition of the concept of intercultural communication in an interview

1.    Create a report of the oral history interview that you conducted. To create this report, review your written transcript of the interview and any notes you took during it, and write a 1,500- to 2,000-word paper (excluding the title and references pages), in which you discuss aspects of this person’s culture and/or subcultures and communication issues related to your interviewee’s cultural identity by answering these questions in paragraph form:
Firstly, define the concept of intercultural communication.

Secondly, explain what can be learned about intercultural communication by conducting an oral interview.

Thirdly, identify the name of the person (Raj Shiva) you interviewed and their relationship to you (brother in law)

Fourthly, create a thesis statement that previews the conclusions you reached as a result of conducting this interview.

Definition of the concept of intercultural communication in an interview

Additionally, describe the interview subject’s cultural background and the culture and/or subcultures to which your subject belongs. (Reference ‘Initial Draft’ attachment)

Also, analyze the interview subject’s answers to each of the questions you asked during your interview to connect the concepts covered in this course. (do not simply provide a transcript of the interview subject’s answers).

Conclude what you learned about intercultural communication as a result of conducting this oral history interview.

Your paper should be in paragraph form, not in a question and answer format. Thus, you must weave the information you present into a coherent narrative form. Paraphrasing the information gleaned from the interview or using direct quotations from your interview subject, as appropriate. Your primary sources of information for this paper will be the interview subject “ANDHRA CULTURE”. However, it is important that you also reference material you have studied in the text and other course resources to help support your analysis of your interview subject’s answers. Every chapter in the course text is potentially of relevance to the Final Project, depending on who you interview and what that person focuses on.