Definition of bioleaching and the key microbes and conditions

This is a paper that is focusing on the definition of bioleaching and the key microbes and preferred conditions. The paper also contains several other topics to analyze in the assignment paper.

Definition of bioleaching and the key microbes

Dear student

1.      Assignment is worth 30% of your final mark.
2.      There are 4 topics from which you need to choose ONLY ONE. Irrespective of the topic you choose
3.      For the topic of your choice, you need to address questions indicated in the topic, and write an essay of maximum 2000 words. You are expected to use up to 10 references.
4.      Reference better to be chosen from the main paper rather than from review papers.
5.       when it comes to marking your final assessment, you won’t be marked on the structure, but the content of your essay. You need to address all those individual questions that are set in each topic, and make sure you use references to back your statements, For some of them, it is enough to use your lectures.

Definition of bioleaching and the key microbes


Topic 1.

Firstly, give a definition of “bioleaching” (3 marks). Name the key microbes involved and state the preferred conditions, the chemical reactions describing copper leaching and the basic principle (15 marks). Explain how the commercial bioleaching of copper occurs (12 marks).

Topic 2.

Secondly, discuss, the role of environmental biotechnology in the development of renewable energy technologies based around the conversion of biomass to bioenergy (15 marks). Describe the current limitations which are limiting the development of this environmental biotechnology and suggest possible approaches to overcome them (15 marks).

Topic 3.

thirdly, discuss wastewater treatment. What are the three main aims of WW treatment (3 marks). What are the stages of wastewater treatment and also what are the main processes within each (7 points). Please describe in detail the role of microorganisms (name the organisms involved) in each of the stages of wastewater treatment (especially during the anaerobic digestion) – 15 points in total. Especially explain what aspects of nitrogen metabolism are involve during wastewater treatment (5 points) with examples of microbes involved.

Topic 4.

Fourthly, explain and discuss the role of engineered organisms in various aspects of environmental biotechnology. Please give examples of organisms used and also processes that utilise them.