Defending or rejecting christian principles on human person

This is an assignment that focuses on the defending or rejecting christian principles on human person. The paper also defends or rejects the theory that predestination interrupts free will.

Defending or rejecting christian principles on human person

Guidelines for Argumentative Essay
(No more than 4-6 pages)

•        Select one of the following:
1. Firstly, defend or reject the thesis that every human person will be saved according to Christian principles.
2. Secondly, defend or reject the theory that predestination interrupts free will and argue for which should be the case for Christianity.
3. Thirdly, defend what Christians should mean by 1 Tim 2:3-4, “This is good and pleasing to God our savior, who wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.” (NAB)
Consequently, this is your own personal reflection, evaluation and analysis on one of the three topics of Salvation that you have selected.

First, you need to explain the theory that you have selected in detail.
You can cite St. Augustine, St. Prosper, Pelagius, John Calvin and Thomas Aquinas or any other theologian to defend or reject the theory/topic that you have selected
Subsequently, you must use appropriate Scriptural references (Chapter and verse(s) to support or reject your topic)
Lastly, when presenting your own perspective/view, support it with solid evidence from Scriptures and also other theological writings.
The essay must have 1) the works cited page, 2) the title page and 3) the table of content page.
This is more than just your opinion.   You must also use at least 5 sources.

Sample Outline/the Table of Content

I. Firstly, introduction
Introduction should contain a thesis statement
II. Secondly, the Theory of Predestination
A. Definition/Etymology
B. The Meaning of Predestination
C. The Main Points of Predestination
D. Various Views of Predestination
III. Analysis
A. Arguments for Predestination
B. Arguments against Predestination
C. Author’s (Your) Point of view
IV. Conclusion


Additionally, any and all research or reflection papers MUST be written using the MLA Manual of Style or APA or Turabian. Your Professor prefer the Turabian format
You can access OWL to find examples of both papers, works cited pages, and also how to create in-text citations of references. Go to OWL @Purdue University. Leo University also has an online learning lab. will also help you create citations by filling in the appropriate blanks.