Deep Vein Thrombosis In Pregnant Women

Latham – Writing in the Natural Sciences: Annotated Bibliography A template is linked below for format help. ENG 112 For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography on a topic related to the natural sciences (not humans this time) about a globally relevant topic or from research done outside the US or by non-American scientists. At least half of the sources should meet this global standard. Your annotated bibliography will include an abstract describing the issue and summarizing the body of research included in your bibliography. You will have a total of six entries. Three sources must come from peer-reviewed academic journals no more than five years old (2013). Three more sources must come from non-scholarly magazines, newspapers, or magazine-like webpages also from 2014 – 2019. Step One: You must create research questions for your topic. They should not be close-ended questions such as “What causes global warming?” Instead, they should be open-ended, but also very specific: “How does global warming affect the migration habits of tropical marine life, and how might that affect endangered populations?” Step Two: Begin your research. Use advanced search in NCLIVE to find SCHOLARLY peer-reviewed academic journals. Find a few non-scholarly but reliable sources, too. Step Three: READ your articles. You will need to summarize AND evaluate your sources, so you must understand them. Step Four: Begin creating your annotated bibliography. Provide a bibliographic entry in APA format. Write a concise annotation that (1) summarizes the main idea or findings of the article, (2) verifies the qualifications and credibility of the author (ethos), (3) addresses any biases the authors may have (pathos), and (4) comments on the effectiveness or usefulness of the work in relation to your research questions (logos). Assignment Specifics 6 sources (3 scholarly, 3 other types of sources – magazine, webzine, news 2014 – 2019; documentary video may also be used for non-scholarly) Each annotation will include the proper citation and paragraph that summarizes and evaluates the source. APA format. It must contain a title page, abstract on a separate page, and the References page with annotations. Follow rules for citations, running head, page numbers, and annotation format.