DDHA 8500 WEEK 4 walden university

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The Assignment—Part 1:

Individual Case Study Analysis (1–2 pages):

  • Create an individual Case Study Analysis that includes:
    • A summary of the facts associated with the case, including the primary leaders
    • A description of skills and traits of the primary leaders in this case

The Assignment—Part 2:

Group Case Study Analysis (2–3 pages):

  • Then, using your Individual Case Analysis for the Case Study, collaborate with your colleagues to create a Group Case Study Analysis that includes:
    • A summary of possible shortcomings of the skills and traits of the primary leaders in the Case Study
    • A description of systemic issues and strategies for system improvement applying systems thinking

Case Study 4: Privacy at Lakeview Medical Center You are the CEO at Lakeview Medical Center, an urban medical center, consisting of two acute care hospitals, a medical school, a dental annex, and an allied health complex. Earlier this morning, your Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) enters your office quite frantic and relays the following story: Mrs. Henry was a patient on one of your med/surgical floors. She was experiencing some complications when a medical team rushed into her room to resuscitate her. When she came to, she looked up and noticed a man in her room observing the entire scene. She dismissed this, thinking that he was probably a member of the medical team or the administrative staff. As the medical team proceeds to attend to her, she was shuffled around and she felt very aware of the fact that this man kept staring at her throughout the ordeal. After a few minutes, Mrs. Henry asked the nurse, “Who is that man in my room and why is he here?” The nurse quickly addressed her and responded, “Oh, him? That’s Mr. Davis. His wife has been in here for over two weeks. Don’t pay him any attention, he likes to roam the hallways and peek in every now and then to see if any action is going on.” Mrs. Henry was quite upset and devastated that her privacy and safety was compromised. Worse yet, Mr. Davis was a complete stranger and no one was even aware that he was in the room the whole time. The COO then proceeds to hand you a letter that was delivered by the Henrys’ family attorney requesting immediate action on what you, as the CEO, intend to do to uphold the privacy and safety for all your patients in your medical center. The attorney has advised that you respond to his notice immediately or he will be contacting the media on how patient rights are not taken seriously at your facilities.