Dbrg 100 essay 3

I’m trying to learn for my English class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Please avoid plagiarism.

Use very simple words.

Follow the steps below:

Use the file uploaded and if you can use how Muslims believe in mohammed as (believers perspective) theism. And the age of reason by Thomas Paine as (none believers) atheism

Using APA style (Owl Purdue, Lynn’s Library Website, & the iBook) write roughly 4 pages (1100 to 1300 words) on your chosen topic. I am open to writing new essay prompts according to student interests. If you have an idea for a prompt, share it with me. Otherwise, choose from the below prompts:

Evaluate the benefits and detriments of atheism and theism. Do the benefits or detriments of one outweigh the other? Use the iBook readings (or other course materials) to support your argument about which stance you believe to be the correct one.