Data Analysis Draft

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Overview: For this assignment, you will develop and discuss factitious (made-up) data that you collect from the chapter 3 methodology section you developed in the previous two modules. While we will not take a deep dive into statistical analysis, but we will focus on the writing quality needed to discuss data. You will turn in a 4-5 page draft of your factitious data and discussion. Review the sample chapter 4 to help guide your work.


> Create factitious data that you think you would have collected from your methodology. Yes, you get to make the data say what you want the data to see! Use your imagination!

> Accurately display the data like you would for a chapter 4 dissertation (quantitatively, qualitatively, or mixed methods)

> Discuss the factitious data

> Submit as a 4-5 page word document with the following sections:

-Project Analysis (if applicable)
-Data Analysis by Research Question (one at a time)
-Supplementary Findings (if applicable)


See the attached rubric to help you understand the requirements for this task.