customer service system and personal environment

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This is the first part. please complete before doing the second part. Please choose personal environment sisters and mom mainly in his environment…. this is for a customer service class

Customer service is more likely to occur when a well-designed customer service system is in place. Since many customer service systems are outdated or were created by individuals unfamiliar with the unique characteristics of a situation, a system update or review may be necessary.

Assignment: Observe your work, school, or personal environment. Identify an area of confusion or disorganization or a system that is just not working as well as it could. Once you have identified this area, design an improved system to handle the challenge more effectively. Your system should include the steps necessary to better deal with the situation.

Guidelines: Because each system will be unique, I do not want to confine your thinking to a specific area or outcome. However, you must include the following in your submission:

  • explanation of the current system or lack thereof
  • reasons why an update or redesign is needed
  • how the new system will improve efficiency
  • estimated costs to implement
  • training requirements to implement new system
  • explanation of new system or process
  • some form of visual like a photo or diagram showing the old system versus new system
  • short summary (what you will post in the discussion area) of the key aspects of your system

You may submit your system redesign in a word document (2 page) OR as a PowerPoint (10 slides). The grading rubric can be found in the syllabus. Whatever format you choose, focus on making it professional and easy to follow for your audience. Have fun with the assignment. Be creative. Think outside the box

part 2 can only be completed after part 1

Give us a brief overview (2-3 sentences) on what you submitted for your system redesign paper. The purpose of this discussion is to inform others in the class of your perspective. No follow-up responses are required; however, I do encourage you to read what others wrote to enhance your learning experience.

Written assignments are evaluated on grammar, content, completeness, clarity, and format.Proofreading,use of active voice, correct sentence structure, and clearly communicating ideas are important business skills. Writing skills are developed with practice and by making corrections based on feedback. Students are encouraged to use appropriate tools, like spell check to enhance their ability to communicate in writing. Written assignments must must be word processed and will only be accepted electronically through the D2L dropbox. Emailed documents will not be be graded