customer service class paper #3

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Read the case study on how JetBlue used Twitter to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Then write your responses to the following questions in a 2-4 page double spaced, 12 pt font paper. You may use outside resources or information (including the book) but you need to cite the source crediting the original author.

  1. How has technology changed the company/customer relationship? Discuss from the viewpoint of the company and the customer. Include an example from the case.
  2. In what ways did JetBlue show current customers it was listening and responding to issues?
  3. The use of social media carries risks for both the consumer and the company. What should consumers and companies consider when interacting?

**Note, this assignment asks for 2-4 pages, not paragraphs.**

This link provides access to the JetBlue case study. It is available for download by clicking ‘Download’ at the bottom of the screen. You should be able to save the pdf to your computer. Please contact me if you have issues accessing it.…