customer service class discussion #4

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Has technology helped or hurt customer service? Discuss.

See the articles linked or do your own research into what changes really occurred related to customer service when innovative technologies like computers, cell phones, automated checkouts, point of service systems, and tablets became commonplace in everyday business. Perhaps you want to share an example of how retailers have adapted to COVID 19 by creating more touchless ways to provide products or services to customers. Really, share anything related to technology and customer service.

Four Ways Technology Hurts, Not Helps Us (2012)

How Technology Could Help Or Hurt Your Business (2018)

When Technology Hurts the Entrepreneur: Companies Cut Checks to People Not Computer Screens (2013)


How the coronavirus crisis is changing grocery shopping (2020)

*** If you are comfortable talking about times when you can remember customer service without certain technologies, I invite your viewpoint to our discussion. What changed from the time you were “little” to being “grown up”. Has it helped customer service or has it hurt it?***