Cultural Narrative Speech

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CULTURAL NARRATIVE SPEECH 3-5 minutes in length

The cultural artifact speech is a product of our increasingly diverse culture. It is a speech that allows us to come to know more about the many cultures represented in our country as well as our classrooms. The best cultural artifact speeches will

1) teach us about the artifact that is the focus

2) teach us about the culture from which the artifact comes and

3) teach us a little about the speaker. Good cultural artifact speeches help us break down the stereotypes of difference and help us to look at people from cultures other than our own as unique individuals.

For the purposes of this speech we will use a loose definition of culture: Any particular social, ethnic, or age group you a.) belong to or b.) strongly identify with. This definition allows you to BE CREATIVE with your topic, please take advantage. These cultures are not necessarily based on racial or ethnic groups but may also be based on group affiliations such as “deaf culture”, “gang culture” and “youth culture”.


Most of your research should come from your personal background. However, you are required to cite 2 sources within your outline. For example, you could research when the culture started/evolved/or gained popularity and that would require you to find concrete facts from websites/articles/books/etc.


You need to choose a physical item that is readily available to you. This item should have both personal and cultural significance. The history of the item you are discussing should come as second nature to you. Most Jewish people can recite the story behind the menorah without pause, many African-Americans can share the story of Kwanzaa, deaf people will readily share the history of American Sign Language and Muslims can quickly tell you the significance of their prayer mats. The item you choose should be as much a part of your identity as it is a part of your culture. You will need to share the cultural significance of your item as well as its personal significance to you. You will also need to decide whether your speech should include a demonstration of the use of the item. In the past students have chosen to include a few of the following demonstrations: how to braid corn rows, how to get out of quicksand, how to drape a sari, how to do salsa dancing, how to do break dancing.


Begin with an attention step. Once you have gained the audience’s interest introduce your thesis statement and preview of main points. The body of your speech should have 2-3 main points with 2-3 sub points beneath the main points. You should have transitions between your main points. These should review the previous point and preview the next. Your conclusion should wrap up the presentation. Remind your audience of your main points and leave them with concluding remarks that will help them remember your speech and the item you have discussed.


Use clear, descriptive language to share the importance of your item. When necessary define culture-specific terms and explain them in language that clarifies the meaning for your audience. You may also want to use one-two personal stories that give your audience insight into the importance of this item within your life and your culture.


You are required to turn an outline in BEFORE you deliver your speech. If you need to use your outline during your speech, make sure you bring 2 copies because you will not be allowed to turn the outline in after the speech. You may use your outline or a 3×5 index card for reference but DO NOT READ your speech from a manuscript.

Your syllabus MUST be typed: double-spaced, 12 font size, Verdana or Ariel font, 1 inch margins, include sources follow MLA or APA guidelines including a work cited page.

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