CS-250-Q1507 4-2 Assignment: Test Cases

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On an agile team, the tester’s role goes beyond merely testing for bugs. One of the key responsibilities of the tester is to work closely with the Product Owner, ensuring that test cases evaluate the needs outlined by the user stories. Identifying ambiguity in the user stories and developing scenarios to meet the acceptance criteria helps ensure that the development team will deliver the desired product. The tests that are developed could become part of the acceptance criteria for a story, or possibly another story in the Product Backlog.


Part I: Initial Test Cases
Develop a detailed test case for each of the three user stories that you submitted in Module Three. Be sure to use the CS 250 Module Four Test Case Template to complete this assignment. The first sheet of the template includes a sample test case for you to use as a guide in writing your test cases.

For each case, be sure to:

  1. Include a descriptive name for each test case.
  2. Identify detailed steps that will need to be taken by the user to complete the action identified in the user story.
  3. Indicate clear pass/fail measures for each step.

Part II: Revising Test Cases
While developing the test cases, it is typical to find that you need more information or clarification from the Product Owner. Read a sample tester’s email to the Product Owner requesting clarifications of the user stories for the SNHU Travel project: CS 250 Module Four Tester Email. (Note: The order of the user stories in the email may not match up with your order, but the content of the user stories should be fairly close).

Then review the wireframe supplied by the Product Owner in response to this email: Top Destinations Slide Show.jar. You will notice that this wireframe is a newer “Slide Show” format, which means you will need to make adjustments to your initial test cases as the user’s actions will change.

You will add on to the same template to complete this assignment. For each case, be sure to:

  1. Copy each of your original test cases into the “revised test case” sheets in the template. Preserve the same names that you used originally.
  2. Revise the steps taken by the user to complete the action identified in the user story.
  3. Indicate clear pass/fail measures for each revised step.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your completed test case template for this assignment. Be sure that you have completed all three initial test cases and three revised cases for the user stories from your Module Three User Stories Assignment.