Critical understanding of various concepts on real business

This is a that requires the student to demonstrate a critical understanding of various concepts on real business. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Critical understanding of various concepts on real business

The purpose of the IMC Audit is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate a critical understanding of various concepts of the class on a real business. For this, you will need to choose a brand/company (well known or not) to acutely assess. Below represents some, but not all, aspects on which to base your audit. Be sure to incorporate as many concepts from the course as possible. After you have addressed these, the final part of the project is for you to make original suggestions for improvement.  It may be useful to identify a company with a new product/service entering the market, or a product/service in a particularly competitive landscape for your audit.

The more thorough you’re able to research the current state of the IMC strategy (for instance, secondary information about industry trends, competition, budget, etc.), the more successful and more richly substantiated your project will be.  10 pages maximum—please follow the outline format and also leave the Heading to each section.

I.               Firstly, what is the current state of the product/service/brand?

a.     Is it new? Well thought of? Not well thought of? Not thought of?

II.             Secondly, what is the current competitive environment?

III.           Thirdly, what does the focus of the IMC strategy appear to be?

IV.          Fourthly, who is the target market?

a.     Did you find explicit information stating the target market (such as an interview or news article), or are you inferring? Please provide the source, or your reasoning that substantiates this.

V.            Also, what channels are being used for communication and why do they make sense?

VI.          What is the central theme of the IMC strategy (the specific communications) and also why do you think they decided this direction/message.

a.     Why do you think these marketing communications will be effective with the target market?

VII.        What is the Storytelling element of the IMC strategy?

a.     How well are the messages and also channels working together?

b.     Is the message consistent across channels?

c.     Do the channels reinforce or work against each other?

VIII.      Are all aspects of IMC being effectively utilized? If so, how? If not, how? [Refer back to those first reading to make sure you cover everything]

IX.          How do you think this strategy is being measured for success?

X.            What are your suggestions for improving this IMC strategy?