Critical feminist theory, rape and hook

Description Critical feminist theory, rape and hooking up Author: Brandi N. Geisinger, 2011 Length-5-6 pages double-spaced, written in a free flowing, narrative style. You can use the questions as headings or create some headings of your own. Guiding questions Why do you think the author chose a critical feminist perspective in conducting this study? Do you think this was a good fit for this particular topic? If so, why? If not, why not? How did the researcher attend to her biases in her approach to this study? Were you satisfied that she was successful in this regard? Why or why not? Was the researcher able to achieve her purpose in this study? Discuss. Were her findings credible? transferable? dependable, and confirmable? Discuss. Do you feel that the participants in this study felt a sense of empowerment by engaging in this reflexive interview process ? Why or why not? What do you see as the value, if any, in conducting this type of research on such timely, sensitive issues? Was there anything else you’d like to add about this research that confirmed for you that this was a good quality study.