CRIS 606 Acute Stress, Grief and TraumaCRIS-606

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Topic: Crisis Intervention with Death of Parent/Parents Due to Domestic Violence

Research Paper Instructions

As the culmination of your research series, you will write a Research Paper that synthesizes the major points of your research. Your paper must focus on your selected topic and how the research relates the topic to your approved topic in the field of crisis intervention.. Your paper must relate your research findings to the content of this course, the major theories of crisis counseling, your academic research, your interview findings, cultural concerns, and biblical perspectives on crisis counseling.

The key required areas are:

  • An APA or Turabian cover page.
  • An Abstract. (An abstract and Introduction are often confused but they are different in both formatting and content. Be sure you know the difference).
  • Body of the report.
  • Reference page (APA or Turabian format required).
  • Introduction –in APA or Turabian Form. Use this section to orient your reader and grab their interest. Why does this topic matter? What interesting background information can you share?
  • mental health symptoms / relationship dynamics common in your population-of-interest – How can new interventionists identify this population? What type of mental health issues typically arise? What type of relationship issues typically occur?
  • best practices in crisis intervention (how can we best help them?). NOTE: avoid any discussion of long-term counseling or psychotherapy. This is a crisis course so be sure you know the difference.
  • spiritual applications/interventions (What does Scripture say about your topic area that is relevant?)
  • cultural considerations – What cultural concerns/considerations must we attend to when working with this population?
  • Conclusion – Wrap up your paper discussing key themes and findings that you uncovered. NOTE: ***The conclusion of literature review papers must include at least a paragraon on “ideas for future research.” You just read the literature on your topic area so you are conversant in the research. What seems to be missing? What should future researchers focus on?

Specific requirements:

Your paper must be 12 – 15 pages. Any submissions less than 12 pages will be heavily penalized and prorated.

Current APA or Turabian formatting must be used throughout the paper, including a title page, abstract, and references list. The title page, abstract, and references list do not count toward the required page length. You must also use APA or Turabian headers, Level 1 (and Level 2 and 3 as needed) APA or Turabian headings, an introduction, and a formal Conclusion section in the body of your report.

Avoid personal experience or opinions in this paper. This is a literature review paper with Scripture and your interview material intertwined.

At least 15 scholarly sources must be used to support your findings and research. At least 10 of your sources must be published within the last 5 years.

Be sure to review the rubric for additional requirements before submitting your paper and use the rubric as a checklist to ensure that no requirements are missed.