crime inestigations

Can you help me understand this Law question?

A criminal investigation can only begin if a “crime” has been committed. All crimes have a penalty attached to them, otherwise they are not criminal violations.

There have been some infamous criminal investigations in recent history. Find one that has been investigated and solved and answer the following questions. Write the answers to these questions.

1. What is the name of the suspect in your criminal case? Include any nicknames.

2. What crime did he/she commit? Describe specifically what happened.

3. How many victims were there?

4. What was the motive?

5. Did the person have a pattern (modus operandi – look this word up on Google)?

6. How was the suspect caught?

7. What specific clue, witness, or evidence lead to his/her arrest?

8. Why do YOU think he/she did the crime(s)?

Include the link to where you got the info at the bottom of your response.

Write COMPLETE sentences. One word answers are not acceptable. There should be citations if needed. References should be provided. Each answer must be about a paragraph. The whole assignment should be 2 or about 2 and half pages double spaced.