Create an 8–12-page slide presentation on sponsor engagement

This is a paper that is focusing you to create an 8–12-page slide presentation on sponsor engagement. The paper also provides additional assessment proficiency for this assignment paper.

Create an 8–12-page slide presentation on sponsor engagement

Create an 8–12-page slide presentation that highlights principles and techniques for encouraging project sponsor engagement.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Competency 1: Firstly, apply the principles of project communication management within the context of business and information technology projects.
Describe a process to establish and maintain a commitment to effective communication between sponsor and manager.
Competency 3: Secondly, create communication plans or collateral that facilitate executive sponsorship.
Define the roles and responsibilities of a sponsor and a manager to clarify respective interests.
Identify engagement needs for project stakeholders that represent fundamental requirements of a successful partnership.
Additionally, create a presentation that explains principles related to securing and maintaining executive sponsorship.
Competency 4: Fourthly, explain how selected professional development activities could enhance the effectiveness of communication and stakeholder management strategies.
Explain how a professional development activity could aid managers to obtain and maintain executive sponsor support.


Executives are a special kind of stakeholder, and communicating effectively with them is critical to ensuring their sponsorship and continuing support for a project. A project sponsor should provide leadership over the project lifecycle and work together with the manager to meet project goals and resolve conflicting stakeholder requirements. In this assessment, you will share ways that a colleague can improve their sponsor’s engagement and project participation.


A friend of yours is a software development project manager at CapraTek. At lunch one day, she shares her concern that her project sponsor (the VP of Software Development) is not adequately engaged in the Alfred! software update project. She feels that her project is falling behind and she needs more resources to get back on schedule. To do that, she needs the VP to engage in the project and authorize more resources. She asks you for ideas for how you would go about communicating with the VP to get engaged and offer support for her resource needs. In fact, she says that several project managers are having similar problems with project sponsors. You offer to do a presentation that might help guide them.

Review the CapraTek scenario in the Resources as required to complete this assessment.

Create an 8–12-page slide presentation on sponsor engagement


Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the information found in the CapraTek scenario that highlights principles and techniques for encouraging project sponsor engagement. Use your CapraTek project sponsor as an example for the friend in the scenario. It should outline a process in which you and your sponsor effectively engage. Do the following:

Firstly, define the roles and responsibilities of you (as project manager) and your sponsor.
Secondly, identify what you need from your sponsor, what you anticipate your sponsor will need from you, and how you would investigate their needs. (Be creative; make and document assumptions that add realism and depth to your narrative).
Thirdly, describe a process for establishing and maintaining (throughout the project) a commitment and effective communication between you and your sponsor. Include a description of a support network of individuals or groups that could assist in supporting your sponsor’s engagement.
Finally, search the Internet to find a real world professional development activity that would aid in training individuals in the area of executive sponsorship engagement. Describe it and explain why it would be effective in your example.