Create a web page that uses JavaScript. For this weeks second assignment you will be creating a web page dedicated to your favorite internet meme (see definition below).

I don’t understand this Javascript question and need help to study.


  • Use an external style sheet, no internal or inline styles
  • Use an external script file, no inline JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS
    • Embed your favorite meme into the HTML document – this could be an animate GIF, video, or other image. Please use standard HTML elements not special embed codes from websites like YouTube or Giphy.
    • Add a <h1> element that reads “Name Placeholder”.
    • Add a <p> element that reads “Sentence Placeholder”
    • Use CSS to make this web page reflect the style of you meme. This is up to your interpretation, but I do expect the following as a minimum:
      • At least 4 CSS declarations each for the <h1> and <p>
      • The elements of the page need to be aligned in an intentional way
      • Padding and margins should be used
  • JavaScript
    • Create 3 variables
      • One string containing the meme name
      • One string containing the reason you like this meme
      • One number containing the year you discovered the meme
    • Concatenate the three variables above into another variable to create a sentence about your meme. The sentence should read as follows: “The first time I saw your meme name was in your year and I like it because your reason.” –Remember spacing is important and this should read like a natural sentence, with a period at the end and all.
    • Assign your sentence variable to the text content of your paragraph in the HTML file (hint- use #id’s)
    • Assign you meme name variable to the text content of the <h1> element in your HTML file
    • Comment your JavaScript explaining key steps
  • Confirm that the code is properly indented. (neatness counts) (items nested within elements must be indented)
  • Validate your code, there should be no errors
  • Save your files on your system in a folder called HW4Part2
  • Upload your folder and files to your ASU web space
  • Submit your assignment using a link from your WebHost

Here’s an example of what your finished page may look like:

Week 4 part 2 homework example

We are now beginning to use JavaScript. For the rest of the course, JavaScript will be a portion of every assignment. Use this assignment as the first building block. Use WC3 Schools, TutorialsPoint, LearnJs Org, and any other site you find useful. The books purchased for the course are excellent, but are not going to give you “every” answer.

Point Distribution:

  1. External Style Sheet = 5pts
  2. Proper placement and usage of image = 5pts
  3. H1 & P Elements used properly = 10 pts
  4. JS String and Number = 10pts
  5. Concatenate 3 Variables = 10pts
  6. Content, look and feel of site. Site should look neat and clean. 10pts