create a very simple python guessing word game v3.8.5

I’m studying for my Python class and need an explanation.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Given a list of animals and their point value, create a

simple guessing game, with the added possibility of expanding the given

initial list.


o Think of a list of 10 animals and assign to each of them a numerical

value between 1 and 10, assigning low values to very common

animals (say 1 point for a cat or a dog) and higher values to less

common, more exotic animals (say 5 points for a zebra and 10 points

for a giant squid).

o Create two lists, one with the names of the animals and one with the

corresponding values, in corresponding positions.

o Ask the user to guess one of the 10 animals you have in your list:

 If the user guesses one of the 10 animals in your list, let the

user know the amount of points that her/his animal is worth.

 If the user enters a new animal (one that is currently not in

your list), let the user know that s/he contributed a new

animal to the game and ask the user for the point-value of the

new animal, explaining that rare animals are worth more than

common ones. Then add the animal contributed by the user to

the end of the animals list and add the corresponding value to

the end of the list of values.

• In any case (whether the suggested animal was already in the list or not)

conclude by showing the entire list of animals to the user, telling the user

the total (sum) of points that the list of animals is worth, and saying

goodbye to the user.