Create a journal entry following instructions provided for Chapters 4-6 of Leading Change

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write minimum 500 words based on the instructions

chapter 4-6


I’ve had a couple of questions about the journals– and so let me provide some clarification.

Journals are specifically related to the other books assigned during this course. The first book we are reading is John Kotter’s Leading Change. You will be assigned chapters each week for this book and journaling on the assigned chapters. We will be reading Kotter’s book through week 5 of the course.

Your journals every weeks have the same requirements, 500 words of your response, reflections, experiences related to the reading. I’m not looking for a book report on the content, I want to know your takeaways.

The journaling assignments are not over the same content that we are covering in the text, but if you see a connection by all means include it!….