Cost of living in New York City

Please no plagiarising The Subject is Urban Sociology These are the instructions to follow in writing your research paper: The paper must be six pages long — typed in double space on 8.5 x 11” paper (with 1” margin on the margins) — written in MS Word format (with 12 pt. font size) and must have pages numbered. It must have a thesis statement – i.e. a statement of purpose or the main idea you wish to pursue — it should be stated in the opening paragraph or in your introduction; It must have a conclusion or summary. All tables, maps and graphics must be properly labeled, explained and footnoted — which means sources properly specified; it must include at least 5 bibliographic references, three of which must come from printed materials (such as book, journal, magazine or newspaper articles), and two from other sources, including the internet. Samples of bibliographic format is provided on the reverse side of the page.