Corporate stakeholders and response to their issues

The project needs to address the following elements in the order listed:

 History

 Corporate stakeholders and response to their issues

 The role of the industry in its social, economic, and political setting

 Domestic and international ethics  Ecological and natural resources

 Social issues  Your rating of the industry’s overall social responsiveness and its accomplishments in this area

 Your rating of the industry in relation to the Saint Leo University core values, as well as the changes that should be made to be more in line with the core values. The research paper should include a cover page, table of contents (including page numbers to match pages in the body of the report), reference page, and in-text citations. Core Values: Responsible Stewardship: Our Creator blesses us with an abundance of resources. We foster a spirit of service to employ our resources to university and community development. We must be resourceful. We must optimize and apply all of the resources of our community to fulfill Saint Leo University’s mission and goals. Excellence: Saint Leo University is an educational enterprise. All of us, individually and collectively, work hard to ensure that our students develop the character, learn the skills, and assimilate the knowledge essential to become morally responsible leaders. The success of our University depends upon a conscientious commitment to our mission, vision, and goals.