Corporate Branding

I’m trying to learn for my Communications class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

1. Pick a brand that you like, use, or admire, or that you believe “stands out” for its effective branding approach. For example, you might buy lattes at Starbucks, have a reward points card, and regularly buy Starbucks’ French Roast Whole Beans coffee beans at your local grocery store.

2. Once you’ve selected your brand, analyze how that brand markets itself. Find some specific examples that you can share in your post (these might be recent ad campaigns, social media posts, discount strategies, etc.). What are the elements of that brand? What is its brand character? its architecture? What other features of brand strategy does the organization use? (note: these are terms that are used in our text: Designing Brand Identity)

3. To earn full points for this week you should reference the Lesson Week’s readings in both your initial post, and in your response to others (or – bring in outside, relevant materials to extend our understanding of course concepts).

4. In your post, identify the branding strategy the company/organization uses – and describe how the strategy is effective given the organization’s target audience.

There are a number of conditions to help make this interesting:

This should be a current organization and a current branding campaign (not something that has happened way in the past – no posts about Nike’s “Just do it” campaign.)

The more local the better – share something that you think people in the class will not know about.

Required reading or watching materials:…